Monogrammed Travel

Son Dos Alas' luxury travel line for the opulent professional traveler

With twenty years of experience designing academic travel, Son Dos Alas has acquired the know-how and local contacts to build all types of professional experiences for travel to Cuba.​

Son Dos Alas offers academic, professional, humanitarian or religious travel at an opulent level for executive, professional, or private groups. Son Dos Alas always works with the Cuba’s top academics, cultural figures, and artists. However, our monogrammed travel luxury line accentuates this experience with detailed travel curators, guided private jet or yacht authorizations, concierge staff, butler service, and tailored security.​

If you are looking for a luxurious travel experience for your delegation, Son Dos Alas offers our monogrammed travel experience to suit your needs.

​For further information about curated VIP experiences in Cuba, please send us an email to Our director, Dr. Rivière, will reach out to you to discuss the many opportunities that Son Dos Alas can provide to fulfill your interests at various levels of luxury travel.

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